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Wednesday, March 2

Speaker claims MP involved in paedophilia


The Speaker of the South Australian Parliament, Peter Lewis, says two gay men murdered in Adelaide recently told him that a serving elected politician was involved in paedophile activities in Adelaide's South Parklands.

Mr Lewis says Robert Woodland, who was found dead in the Parklands last December and Shaine Moore, whose body was found in his Kilburn home last week, separately came forward and told him of a person's activities.

Mr Lewis says the comments were made in the course of evidence he was gathering on the abuse of state wards and he does not have the person's name.

"I can't corroborate their story other than in each instance they tend to be describing the same person, the same pattern of behaviour," he said.

Asked if the person was a current serving member, he said "yes".

Mr Lewis says he has passed on all information he has to police.

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