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Saturday, March 19

Warren K: Is anybody out there?

Expect big things from this blog. With the resurrection of Libertyspeech, we are back together with Warren K.

The advent of the internet has brought about a wonderful exchange of communication and a sharing of information with people from all over the world. The speed at which information is now shared around the world is instantaneous, as fast as you can type it and press send. However, is anyone really out there, does anyone care, does anyone listen?

We are living in some very interesting times and it appears at times to many, that these times are rapidly quickening or spinning entirely out of control. Rumors and myths have rapidly been uncovered by internet sleuths and increasingly become truths. When you actually find the mainstream media writing about articles that only a few years would seem outlandish, a person can actually read between the lines and see they are subtle warnings.

Just because you can't see fairies and elves, doesn't mean there aren't any. Right?

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