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Tuesday, April 19

Bigfoot Sighting in Manitoba

We'll believe it when we see it.


There has been a Bigfoot sighting in northern Manitoba. Residents have been flocking to Georgina Henry's house in Norway House, Manitoba to watch nearly three minutes of video shot be her son, Bobby Clarke.

The video was shot just after dawn Saturday morning on the banks of the Nelson River. Clarke says he was on duty at his job as a car ferry operator when he saw a "big, black figure" on the opposite bank, about 300 meters away. He grabbed his video camera -- which he says he always has with him -- and started filming. Clarke says the creature was "massive." He says he has been nervous ever since seeing the creature, especially when he takes the ferry to the side of the river the creature was on.

Several people are talking about taking a boat to that side of the river to look for tracks, but Clarke says he's not anxious to join them.

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