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Monday, April 4

Canada needs terror attack to draw attention away from Gomery

Fellow bloggers tell me that agents from the Public Service Alliance of Canada have begun to comb the blogosphere looking for Canadian blogs that link to this one Amercan blog, Captain's Quarters. The corrupt Liberal government of Canada is about to fall under the weight of its own deceptions and lies, and PSAC agents are combing technorati and other blog search engines to compile those identifiably Canadian bloggers such as nealenews.com who have linked to Captain's Quarters. The Canadian government could fall, and Paul Martin needs one helluva distraction to divert the blogger's attention from this huge mess. Expect the worst in the coming days.

Free Dominion

At various times, I have found the footprints of PSAC agents who are doing double duty as Liberal party enforcers, intimidating people who show any interest in my work, and reminding them of what can happen to terminate their careers if they don't do as they're told. Sometimes, these internal spies have gone to various places where I've been to ask questions about what I said, what I looked at, etc. One or two people who agreed with my point of view and made the mistake of saying so, were harassed and run out of their jobs, placed in much less interesting positions even if the salary might have remained similar, but then this can lead to depression and termination of the job altogether. Not everyone is strong. There's a certain MP in the Liberal caucus, a cabinet minister, who exemplifies this attitude of bullying, and several others who like to help. They would not be missed if they didn't make it to the next parliament. I'll bet there are many revelations to come around these individuals.

To my mind, given that a fairly significant scientific discovery is being suppressed, and actions taken that impact on the policy making for such potential financial disasters as the Kyoto issue, what I've been going through is probably in some ways a greater national scandal than Adscam, and yet I doubt that anyone will ever hear much about it. If as I suspect I am just one of hundreds of professionals who has been treated as a non-citizen and non-person by this vast Liberal conspiracy, then the scandal is of enormous proportions, similar to the worst excesses of the former Soviet Union, just without the gulag (being deprived of work is not that different from being sent to a prison camp, though, trust me).

. . .

It's great that the American bloggers are helping us out, but I think this will all explode out into our own media within days. The political pressure being created by this publication ban are too great for the system to tolerate for more than a few days -- eventually the media will have to work around this ban and start airing the dirty laundry. Whether the non-political mass of Canadian public opinion will "get" this issue or not depends on how well the Conservatives articulate it, and how accurately the media reports it.

My prediction -- a full-blown political crisis of epic proportions will engulf the nation by next week, or early May at the latest. Then an election will be a foregone conclusion. This is "early days" yet -- the crisis deepens when the media start to hound Liberal politicians to ask them the kind of questions they are already getting in question period. This takes a little time, but it will begin to happen about a week or two down the road. Even the timid Canadian media will find the courage to confront them. Then the end game will develop. The NDP can make large gains too in this situation. A major sub-plot of this election will be the battle for departing soft Liberals waged between the right and left wing parties, and the battle in the swing zone of Quebec between the Bloc and the Conservatives on a federalist-nationalist spectrum.

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