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Wednesday, April 20

Ex-Nazi Pope elected the day before Hitler's Birthday

From Sherman Skolnick:

What Catholic countries want a pro-Nazi Pope? South America has many such. Included is heavily Catholic Argentina. Toward the end of World War 2, various Nazi war criminals, using Vatican-supplied passports and disguises, escaped down the "Ratlines" to Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and elsewhere in South America. German submarines loaded with Nazi gold also arrived in South America. So the children and grand-children of escaped Nazis, with their fortunes, dominate the Catholic Church throughout South America. Pope John Paul 2nd was viciously against so-called liberation theology of some South American and Central American archbishops, who sought to cater to the "shirtless ones". Such Catholic Church leaders were rooted out, in some instances, assassinated, apparently on the dictates of Pope John Paul 2nd, ostensibly through his enforcer, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Centuries ago, at the behest of the Vatican, was the bloody, horrible "The Inquisition". Does it still exist today? Yes, its existence since 1981 was, like centuries ago, to punish "heretics". Its title is now something like Promoting The Faithful. And who has headed this latter day "Inquisition"? Why, none other than pro-Nazi Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict 16th.

Was it just a coincidence that Joseph Ratzinger was selected as the new Pope, April 19, 2005, a day before Adolf Hitler's birthday?

What is the result of part of the planet going back to rule by Nazis?


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