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Friday, April 8

Mainstream media clampdown on Johnny Gosch story

Just when you thought things could not get weirder, I strongly encourage you to visit this post at Libertythink.com on some recent developments in the saga of "Jeff Gosch". The Des Moines Register, TBF and TI argue, exercised this hit piece on the Gannon-Gosch meme, but an independent weekly did a much better job of tying it all together. Now, to that I can agree.
What's strange is this anonymous email that came intoTBF's mailbox, claiming that the weekly was SHUT DOWN.
" The alternative weekly paper that published the Gannon/Gosch piece closed its doors the day the story came out and will not print another issue. The paper will apparently be printing under the name of another alt-type weekly paper in town (cityview) but the writer of the Pointblank piece - the managing editor - was fired. " MORE.
Now, that sort of timing does send a message. The bloggers are onto something. Keep blogging, and keep Jeff/Johnny Guckert/Gosch/Gannon alive.

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