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Tuesday, April 19

St. Putin travels to Mt. Zion

Via Haaretz:

MOSCOW - The characterization "historic" is certainly a fitting one for Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Israel next week. It will indeed be the first time a leader of Russia (this also applies to its previous incarnation as the Soviet Union) has visited Israel, although Putin has been to the Holy Land two times previously. What lies behind the visit over and above its symbolism and "history," however, remains unclear, and it is shrouded in a lack of coordination and confusion.

The visit is taking place at the Russian president's initiative, and Foreign Ministry officials in Jerusalem can't quite figure out why Putin invited himself. The day-and-a-half visit, which will include a quick trip to the Palestinian Authority and a meeting with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, still lacks a clear-cut agenda, and efforts to give it added value have come to naught.

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