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Thursday, April 7

TRUNews Response to Des Moines Register

Both TBF and TI have denounced the Des Moines Register piece on Johnny Gosch as a white-washed snow-job, and one thing has to be clarified. TI quoted us as stating that Erin Crawford did "a great job" on the article, but to our credit, we did not state what she did a great job of.
Erin Crawford did a great job of:
* Legwork - she contacted the people who were blogging it and presented it fairly well.
* Misrepresentation of one blogger, TI.  "I never told Crawford I was "convinced" by anything"

* Error of omission. TI comments that Crawford could have mentioned the Franklin sex scandal and the D.C. cover-up.
To our credit, we did forward the following material to Crawford, and it was neglected in the article.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: TRUNews<tyrannyresponseunit@gmail.com>
Date: Mar 28, 2005 10:59 AM
Subject: Re: TRUNews Response to Des Moines Register
To: "Crawford, Erin" <ecrawfor@desmoine.gannett.com>


Trunews is a blog about tyranny from the cold northern city of
Edmonton in the province of Alberta, Canada..

Also, some further reading for you. In order to grasp what is going
on, I highly reccomend reading the following.

>Washington Child Sex Ring Cover-up (Read the mainstream article and
watch the Conspiracy of Silence video)

Why you should look at it:

* It gives you an idea concerning *how* it is possible that Gannon
could have been used to blackmail people.

> Military wife drops HUGE SEX-BOMB (Two, 20 minute videos)

Why you should look at it:

* While her claims are pretty HUGE, this lady seems pretty sharp
concerning what she knows about the gay military underground.

* It will explain Jeff Gannon's Military Stud theme.

Remember, the first link is mainstream media sources, while the second
is a bit dodgy. However, one might be led to the conclusion that there
is an underground faction within the Establishment who are kidnapping
kids and running them through training programs to be "plants" -
manchurian candidates. But that gets into the realms of that mind
control stuff (Cathleen O'Brien, Kathleen Sullivan).

For three ground-breaking interviews with Sullivan, see my "associate"
Jeff Wells' blog:
Interview 1
Interview 2
Interview 3

You might want to contact him, as he is very knowledgeable concerning
"deep politics".

. . . [SNIP] . . .

Keep in mind that Jeff, Myself and Todd Brendan Fahey of Libertythink
aren't arguing alien space cats and the Gay Illuminati Reptilian
Jewish Banking Cabal or anything. We're just trying to get to the
"bottom" of an issue issue that seems to be ignored by the mainstream
media. For example, Jeff Gannon's Clientele.

We're everyday, rational people, many of us with journalism
experience. It's not like we've joined the militia and stockpiled
iodine pills for the  Apocalypse. Not that there's anything wrong with

Good luck on writing your article, and I hope you aren't going to do a
"hit job" like the MSM always seems to do with bloggers
. (Lump a few
good arguements in with the alien spacecats or whatever). I hope your
assignment is to present what the blogosphere is saying. I'd say that
it's got the lead on this whole Gannon thing, and for the first time
the MSM can only sit by and watch. But we need more MSM folks digging,
so I'm happy that someone is.

Use whatever parts of any email you want.

Thanks, eh?


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