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Thursday, May 19

Stronach commands rogue ministry

From David Hawkins Research:

Magna International: CAI agents appear to have arranged and monitored kickbacks to the Stronach family's Magna International, including some personal tax breaks for Frank Stronach, the Magna founder, who avoided paying income taxes on $198 million since 1994 by declaring his principal residence in Switzerland. Between 1982 and 1997, Stronach's Magna and its subsidiaries, Decoma and Tesma, accepted kickback tax credits for a total of $35.7 million. By 2001, CAI agents at Martin's Lansdowne Technologies were running integrated surveillance on Canadian citizens' tax, passport and health data bases. CAI's sponsors would know Frank Stronach was Canada's best compensated executive, earning $52.1 million as Magna chairman while daughter Belinda was fourth at $12.5 million. On May 17, 2005, did CAI call in the prepays to extort Belinda Stronach into a betrayal of Canada's reformist Conservative Party? On that day, Ms. Stronach crossed the floor bringing the Conservative's strategic election plan to Martin's Liberals who immediately appointed her as the new Minister for Human Resources (HRDC). An extorted member of an extorted family, Ms. Stronach now runs a rogue ministry which
generated $1 billion in kickbacks on jobs never created. We note the RCMP launched 12 kickback investigations into HRDC; three related to awards in former Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien's family riding of Saint-Maurice.

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