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Sunday, May 8

World's third-largest centrally planned economy : The Pentagon

I never thought about it this way:

From Globalresearch.ca
Meantime back on the farm as the saying goes in Texas, what does Uncle Sam himself blithely do with the world's hard earned savings and money? His consumers still over-consume it without 99. 9 percent of them knowing what they are doing, since hardly anyone tells them so. And Uncle Sam's government uses much and all of its increase of hundreds of B$ for the Pentagon. That money is not spent to pay its poor professional soldiers who come mostly from small town rural America and took the only job they could get, and even less is spent on its hapless reservists. They told Rummy in Kuwait that he does not even provide them with sufficient and safe equipment. Rummy replied, I am an old man, I just got up, and I need time to get my thoughts together.

But at home in the Pentagon, Rummy faces no such problem. There he knows very well what he is doing, privatizing war also in Iraq as at home. The Military-Industrial Complex against which General Eisenhower warned in his 1958 parting Presidential address is alive and kicking, more than ever under the stewardship of "Vice" President Cheney and his De[a]fSec Rumsfeld. With their jobs disasterously well done, both are being kept on for a second term. So is Paul Wolfowitz "of Arabia" who with Douglas Feith is one of the duo at the Pentagon that went to Israel. Regarding the latter, the German Der Spiegel Dec 20,2004:33 quotes Tommy Franks, who was the commander of the Iraq invasion, as calling "the greatest total idiot that there is on God's Earth, with whom I have to battle almost every day"].

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