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Thursday, June 23

Katie Holmes' Missing Days

So the Internet is abuzz with people trying to figure out where Katie Holmes disappeared to for 16 days during April before showing up in the public spotlight with Tom Cruise.

Most of the buzz has to do with this Fox News article entitled: Katie Holmes' Missing Days.

The article asks:

Sometime that week, her friends say, she flew to Los Angeles for a meeting with Cruise about a role in "Mission: Impossible 3." The meeting took place after April 11.

The next time anyone heard from Holmes was on April 27, when she appeared in public as Cruise's girlfriend and love of his life.

Where was she during those 16 days?

What if she was back in Toledo, Ohio? The Fox News article says that she has some explaining to do to her parents concerning why she disappeared for over two weeks and then suddenly shows up with Tom Cruise.

Any good conspiracy theorist would assume that she was undergoing some sort of deprogramming or reprograming at some Scientologist retreat.

But Holmes was raised to be a good Catholic girl, and we should not suspect that good Catholics would fall for some mind-control cult like Scientology, right?


As the story of Cathy O'Brien attests, Satanic Ritual Abuse is used as a proxy for abusing people until they snap and create multiple personalities. These multiple personalities can be managed through hypnosis and the setup of 'gatekeepers' which respond to 'triggers' such as melodies, hand signals or phrases.

I found this to be the strangest part of the Fox Article:

Another, a local TV producer here in New York, was too afraid to discuss the situation with me.

Now why was she afraid? Did some of the people portrayed in Eyes Wide Shut show up at her doorstep or something?

I'm almost wondering if Katie Holmes was a victim of the Toledo Ohio satanic ritual abuse ring in the Toledo Diocese.

Diocese Reviews Satanic Slay Allegations
The Associated Press

TOLEDO, Ohio - The Toledo Diocese is taking another look at a woman's
previously dismissed claims of satanic sexual abuse by Roman Catholic
priests now that one of the clergymen has been charged with the
"ritualistic" slaying of a nun 24 years ago.

The Rev. Gerald Robinson was arrested last week on charges of
strangling and stabbing Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, 71, about 30 times
during Easter weekend 1980. Her body, covered by an altar cloth and
surrounded by burning candles, was found in a hospital chapel.

Pahl's body was posed to look as if she had been sexually assaulted,
but investigators said they found no evidence of sexual activity.

Bishop Leonard Blair announced Tuesday that a seven-member diocesan
review board will re-examine allegations made by a woman who told the
panel in June that when she was a child she was physically and
sexually abused by several priests, including Robinson.

The panel had a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, but what was
discussed is confidential, said diocese spokeswoman Sally Oberski.

The woman described satanic ceremonies in which clergy members placed
her in a coffin filled with cockroaches, forced her to swallow what
she believed to be a human eyeball and penetrated her with a snake "to
consecrate these orifices to Satan."

That article is pretty old, but here's a newer one:

"The police are going into areas they've never gone before," said David Davidson, one of the first police officers to respond to the slaying in 1980. "They don't have a choice."

The investigation started with the details of the crime scene: an aging nun found strangled and repeatedly stabbed in the sacristy of the hospital chapel, her body posed to look like she was sexually assaulted.

But now, deeper issues have surfaced over accusations of sexual abuse of children in churches and schools by priests and lay members beginning in the late 1960s.

Tyranny Response Unit
Tyranny Response Unit
Tyranny Response Unit
Tyranny Response Unit
Tyranny Response Unit

One hell of a funny google search

Someone came into this blog on a google search for:

pierre trudeau satan 666 child abuse pedophile

Now that's just hilarious.

However, if you want to find out more on this theory, read Cathleen O'Brien's Trance-Formation of America.

Some excerpts for you:

"I was taken routinely to Mackinaw Island, Michigan. Mackinaw Island is a political retreat because it is located between the US and Canadian borders. And it is where the Michigan governor's mansion is located. It was there that I was subjected to the sexual perversions of certain politicians like Gerald Ford. I'm not saying Gerald Ford is a pedophile, a person who just rapes children. Instead, Gerald Ford is what I refer to as "tri-sexual"--he'll "try" anything with anybody, any age, any time, any where, it doesn't matter to him, as long as he can be in control. He had a perversion for power.

It was in Mackinaw Island that I first met then-Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, a professed Jesuit. Through conversations that I overheard between him and Governor Romney, I learned how the CIA and the Catholics were merging their information for NWO controls."



"I was never trained in that particular area because I was being raised as a sex slave. I was being raised to carry out and fulfill the perversions of certain politicians in control of our country. And they certainly didn't want someone who was being prostituted to politicians to even know how to shoot a gun.

I also learned at Mackinac Island Michigan about the Catholic's involvement in mind control. Now this is certainly not to say that all Catholics are bad. Not any more than I'm saying that all CIA is bad. I've since learned that seems to be a criminal faction running through most aspects of our society, and it was my experience, having come from a predominantly Catholic area and being raised a Catholic, that I was subjected to the Catholic aspects of mind control. At that time, then Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, who claims publicly to be Jesuit, was very much interested in mind control, was interested in mind control of the masses. He was a part of that intelligence arm of the Vatican that was interested in becoming the one world church in the New World Order. I heard many conversations pertaining to how criminal covert activity is going on in this country and around the world, would be funneled through the Catholic Church and designated immune, for implementing what Adolph Hitler and George Bush term "New World Order."



"One of the by-products of Dissociative Identity Disorder is a photographic memory and so they can recall their programmed messages much like an audio tape. They are also used to carry drugs for world leaders like George Bush and Bill Clinton who are heavily involved in the trafficking of drugs.

Cathy O'Brien was used as a sex slave to pander to the bizarre sexual desires of big name politicians and to compromise other world leaders. They can then be blackmailed to go along with the demands of the Global Elite for fear of exposure. Among those who raped and sexually abused either Cathy and/or her daughter Kelly, are US Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford; Dick Cheney, the US Defense Secretary in the Bush administration; the Canadian Prime Ministers, Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney; King Fahd of Saudi Arabia; and the President of Mexico, Miguel De La Madrid. This is without naming the long list of other United States politicians and famous entertainers which I highlight in 'I Am Me, I Am Free', and Cathy and Mark detail in 'Trance-Formation Of America'.

Cathy was so powerfully mind-controlled that she "progressed" to become a "Presidential Model" - a government mind-slave who operates in the White House and Pentagon. They are killed at the age of 30 because after that time their minds begin to break down the compartments and they have flashbacks of memory. "



In 1968, VanderJagt introduced Cathy to the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who then abused her and used her for porn involving a French poodle which he had given her as a pet.



"The connotations of my childhood experience with the former Prime "Minister" of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, suggested that Mulroney was Jesuit—as did the mode I was operating in. He, too, was wearing a red rose boutonniere signifying his involvement and commitment to the Order of the Rose."


More google searches:




Tuesday, June 21

The Great Conspiracy: Barrie Zwicker

Sometimes it's good to re-read the basics. Barrie Zwicker seems to get most of them correct.


Katie Holmes: MK-ULTRA Sex Slave?

This is just too creepy. Katie Holmes went missing for two weeks before she met Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes' Missing Days

"The newly engaged Katie Holmes still has some explaining to do to her friends and family.

There were 16 days in April during which no one seems to know where she was.

. . .

There is some fear among Holmes' close circle that her instant romance with Cruise is not as organic as portrayed.

For one thing, Holmes was raised a strict Catholic. Also, gone from the picture are two close Holmes friends who used to be with her when she did publicity for a film.

One of these is Meghann Birie, a childhood friend who has suddenly disappeared from Holmes' world. Another, a local TV producer here in New York, was too afraid to discuss the situation with me.

We know that Cruise auditioned several actresses for this role before settling on Holmes. This column reported a story about Jennifer Garner. There have been published stories about Kate Bosworth, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba being approached.

. . .

Curiously, since the Cruise-Holmes situation popped up, we have heard over and over again that Cruise was the young actress' idol when she was growing up.

That's certainly interesting because all of the publicity that used to run on Holmes — still found all over the Internet — lists another Tom as her favorite actor.

That would be Tom Hanks."

Monday, June 20

Israeli Nukes, Royal Visit to Canada and Military Exercises all related

The world media has not made much noise about the Royal Visit to Canada last month, but something of monumental proportions may have happened without anyone knowing.

On May 24th, the Duke of Edinburg travelled to the northern region of Alberta to visit the Oil Sands operations. He travelled aboard Ralph Klein's Dash-8 jet.

It's interesting that he would fly to Ft. McMurray, because one of the world's largest military exercises was happening in the province, meaning that the Royal Air Force could have been within tactical defence distance.

That same day, Canada's Minister of National Defence arrived in Cold Lake, Alberta, home of the MAPLE FLAG military excercises also taking place concurrently. Perhaps he was carrying out the orders of his masters. What if he was the bagman of some nuke deal?

This year marked the first time Israel has participated in the excercises,to which they sent 10 F-16 fighter jets and 150 ground personnel.

According to some of the links in THIS article, those F-16's may have had nukes on them.

I can't figure out how it's all related, but it seems as though it were.

Wednesday, June 15

The Two Year Rule

Thanks to the Truthseeker for this. It points to the significance of the Queen's visit to Canada, particularly the western provinces.

The Queen Of England & Her Travels

Philip N. Ledoux – Educate Yourself May 26, 2005

The Queen has just completed a tour of Canada. This probably explains why the Chemtrail activity has come to a complete halt or has become an only occasional event for the past two weeks throughout the Northern belt of America and over Canada. But, there is something else to consider when the Queen visits any country. As you read this essay keep in mind that I am trying to emphasize a "Two Year Factor". My dates and names might be in slight error because all my reference materials have been lost in a created computer disaster and/or arson event. Read trying to see the "big picture" rather than being critical of exacting events.

Emperor Hirihito of Japan was awarded The Order Of The Garter, but when WW II started and Japan declared war on England, the Order was rescinded. Back around the administration of Richard Nixon, Hirihito was invited to England where he was reinstated into The Order Of The Garter. TWO YEARS LATER, our Secretary of State and President Nixon met Hirihito in Hawaii. Shortly thereafter Japan started its grand expansion on "all fronts". I had visited Japan (compliments of the U.S. Navy) in the late 1950ies; the "old ways" were still firmly established. After the meeting with Nixon there was a strong, continual wave of emulating the west in fashions, finance and social graces. Something that must have shocked most of the Japanese Culture. One could call it - the blossoming of manipulation. This period of time also coincided or pre-dated the transfer of the Queen's investments out of American Banks. She removed her investments from the Illinois National Bank two days prior to its collapse; thanks to a sharp auditor we know of the fact. Nobody has been able to trace where it went. It was all part of the spectacular rise in Japanese Banking influence in the world.

Sometime during the height of The Cold War the Queen visited Rumania. TWO YEARS LATER the United States donated a nuclear reactor with total construction of the facility free of charge. Remember, this was during The Cold War! Russia and its satellites were considered to be "enemy."

Back around the time of the Iran-Iraq War, the Queen visited Saudi Arabia. Never in the history of the Muslim World had a reigning woman been allowed to set official foot on Muslim soil! (I may have "enemy" and "friend" reversed?) At that time Saudi Arabia was friends with Iraq and enemy with Iran. TWO YEARS AFTER the visit, the Iran-Iraq War started. Now, strangely, Saudi Arabia was friend with Iran and enemy to Iraq! If you are familiar with Muslim history, once an enemy you are an enemy beyond the 100th generation. Strange indeed.

With this in mind, we can easily predict that IN TWO YEARS something BIG is going to occur in, by or through Canada. I personally do not have a clue as to what it might be. The Queen runs "damage control" for The Powers That Be; none of her trips are by accident, and most likely all fit the category of "damage control". If the reader can remember the target date of mid-2007 and keep tabs on Canadian events both major and minor, s/he will be able to know with quite some certainty what kind of a hammer is going to hit the gong in mid-2007.

Philip N. Ledoux

P.S. In my original research I had found 5 - two year factors after the events. I stopped at number 5 when all were identical script repeats except for the details involved. My memory doesn't bring up the other two events. Sorry about that. The world travels of the Pope are similar, although the time factor is much shorter.


Sunday, June 12

Exorcist suspects Demonic Possession in Bush v. Gore

SOURCE: Dow Jones via Raiders News.

Yet in promoting "Glimpses of the Devil," Mr. Peck has not shied away from naming names. "I think that the group of people around Hitler was probably likely a possessed group," he told Salon.com. Then came the humdinger: "I have wondered specifically about the Supreme Court in the case of Bush v. Gore where, astonishingly, I believe that the majority--five out of nine justices--were engaged in an evil act. And I wonder how that could happen without Satan hanging around." Astonishingly, indeed. (Imagine the gnashing of teeth if Tom DeLay were to say that the Supreme Court needs a house blessing.)

The Sanhedrin's Decision Regarding the Holy Temple


The Sanhedrin calls upon all groups who work in the area of Temple and Temple Mount-related research and activity, to begin to prepare detailed architectural plans for the construction of the Holy Temple, towards the goal of its establishment in its proper place.

The Sanhedrin will establish a forum of architects and engineers whose goal will be to implement this decision, so that detailed working plans are effectively brought to an operational stage.

The Sanhedrin calls upon the Jewish people to contribute towards the acquisition of materials for the purpose of rebuilding the Holy Temple; the gathering and preparation of prefabricated, disassembled portions of this building to be stored and ready for rapid assembly, in the manner of King David. These contributions will be consider "chulin," i.e., non-sacred, for the purpose of the planning and construction of the Temple.

Prof. Hillel Weiss
R. Chaim Richman
Spokesmen for the Sanhedrin

Wednesday, June 8

Subtle indicators pointing towards possible attack

Editor's note: This is just a summary of some information that's out there on the web. Some strange things are happening and we might be in for something big.

First of all, check out this post at rense.com.

Lenny Bloom has been saying that an attack is imminent. Don't dismiss this guy.

Also, check out the pics of TANKS on the streets of NYC.

Also, start googling 'mystery substance' and 'mystery odor'.

Mysterious Substance Clears Out Kunia Walmart

Mall complaints remain a mystery:Shoppers treated for breathing woes

Cause of odor still mystery:Meeting at Wilmington school sheds little light

Mystery Fumes Overwhelm School Children In Queens

And there's more. In all of these stories, the air tested normal for fumes and toxic substances. Could it be tests of sub-sonic sound cannons? Something is going on here.

Julian Robertson, one of the world's premeir economic market forecasters was on CNBC's Ron Insana show recently to discuss the imminent staged market collapse. Al Martin's account of it can be read here.

Whether or not Martin's account of that interview is correct remains to be seen; however, here's an excerpt of interest:

He said the federal government, that part of Patriot II Act, the internal exile,
that the government is going to have to build now huge detention compounds on
federal lands, probably in the West where the land is available, to potentially
house 50 million or more citizens that will be in financial ruin.

Food production will fall. And any further effort to control environmental
destruction will be abandoned. Inflation will run into the double and eventually
triple digits. People will be carrying around U.S. dollars in wheelbarrows like

And he finally ended his comments by saying that he hopes that he is not alive
to see this. And he looks at Ron Insana and he said, "The 'lucky' ones are the
ones who are my age now."

Total collapse of public infrastructure. Total collapse of medical care systems.

All public pension plans, Social Security will collapse. All corporate pension
plans will collapse. I've never heard anything like it.

But he backed that up with some fabulous statistics that I have pointed out
before in various articles.

What he did is he did it all in literally one statement literally. But, 14% of
all real estate transactions now being interest-only mortgages, and another 14%
of people now, that, when they bought their homes, originated more than 100% of
the purchase price in the mortgage and then borrowed further.

Furthermore, David Hawkins, a Canadian Forensic Economist has been tracking the Canadian connections of the terrorist cabal to the North of the US.

Before the bombing of the USS Cole and the hijackings of 9/11, Hawks CAFE had recognized "telltale indicators" of possible attacks on America at the web site of Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates, then (as now) controlled through proxy votes extorted by 28+ special investors in the CAI Private Equity Group.

CAI appears to have prepaid sub-contractors such as MDA and Paul Martin's Lansdowne Technologies, to procure SWAT teams, war rooms and disruptive technologies to destroy America and execute the radical agenda of Canadian privy councilor, Maurice Strong, and the so-called Global Custodians.

In the context of telltale indicators of terrorist attacks, we believe Canada's $3.2 million prepaid contract to MDA, on behalf of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and a U.S. electrical utility (below), signals an imminent bio-warfare attack on America's agriculture and farming communities with a simultaneous [laser-based?] disruption of U.S. electric power utilities.

Anyway, just a few headlines of note today. Sorry if blogging has been slow - it's just that the news cycle over the past little while has been slow.

Sunday, June 5

Alex Jones and Jeff Rense – ABC affiliates?

Posted at Liberty Forum:

Did you know that GCN – the network which carries Alex Jones and Jeff Rense – is an ABC affiliate? Yes, ABC - as in the Disney-owned American Broadcasting Corporation – the epitome of mainstream corporate media and home of propagandists such as Peter Jennings.

Now, we’re not sure how deeply ABC’s tentacles extend into the Genesis Communications Network, and we’re fairly certain that its President Ted Anderson and others will brush-off this “affiliation” and say it amounts to nothing; but here’s the way we see things. Any time there is a financial arrangement made between two entities – for whatever purpose – there exists a huge probability that some sort of manipulation will result at a future point in time (if it hasn’t already). In addition, any time the “alternative” media starts co-mingling with the MAINSTREAM media, it has to give people an uneasy feeling. What it boils down to is that if GCN is giving money to ABC to be its affiliate, it amounts to nothing more than feeding the beast. A perfect analogy would be a parent giving their nine-year old son to Michael Jackson for an “innocent” sleepover. So yes, if you subscribe to GCN, you are indirectly financing ABC. To us, something just doesn't sound right about that.


Are Weapons of Mass Destruction Being Planted in Iraq for Future "Discovery"?

by Stan Moore
(Friday June 03 2005)

"Surely, Colin Powell would not do so, but he did. Surely Dick Cheney wouldn't deceive us, but he did. Surely Donald Rumsfeld wouldn't deceive us, but he did. Certainly Mr. Chalabi wouldn't deceive us, but he did."

We continue to hear hints from various official sources in Iraq, including elected Iraqi officials that some expect an eventual discovery of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. This might provide a sort of ex post facto "legitimacy" to the invasion of Iraq.


John Kerry to call for impeachment of George Bush

Al Jazeera:

John Kerry announced Thursday that he intends to present Congress with The Downing Street Memo, reported last month by the London Times. The memo purports to include minutes from a July 2002 meeting with Tony Blair, in which Blair allegedly said that President Bush's administration "fixed" intelligence on Iraq in order to justify the Iraqi war.

The Downing Street Memo is the leaked secret British document that details the minutes of a 2002 meeting between top-level British and American government officials. The memo states that George Bush "was determined" to attack Iraq long before going to Congress with the matter, and that "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

So far neither government has disputed the accuracy of the memo.


Street Preachers Arrested for Obstructing Pedestrian Traffic


Las Vegas - They hold up religious signs and set up camp along the strip preaching the gospel to anyone who'll listen.But now these street preachers say police are trying to give them the boot, and they say it's a violation of their constitutional rights. News 3's Alex Savidge reports from the strip to tell us why the ACLU is stepping in to help them.


Funds Manager Predicts Global Economic Collapse

From a Yahoo group:

Renowned Funds Manager Predicts Global Economic Collapse

By Al Martin

(May 30) There was an interview on CNBC of the renowned funds manager Julian Robertson. He is one of the greatest of the old-timers. 53 years on the Street. He manages the Robertson group of funds. They used to call him, still do call him 'Never Been Wrong' Robertson. He has predicted every economic cycle, every debacle, every bull market, and every bear market. Of course, he's a very old man now. But his reputation on the Street is like nothing you could imagine. When the segment of his interview was through, his comments alone took the Dow Jones down 50 points. Just on his comments alone. That's how powerful this man's reputation is.


Friday, June 3

Cloak offline?

Does anyone else out there get the message "No web site is configured at this address." when they go to cloakanddagger.ca?

**UPDATE** I have just received confirmation that Cloak is moving its servers.

**UPDATE** Change your Cloak & Dagger url from cloakanddagger.ca to cloakanddagger.de

Cloak has moved over to a German domain.
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