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Monday, June 20

Israeli Nukes, Royal Visit to Canada and Military Exercises all related

The world media has not made much noise about the Royal Visit to Canada last month, but something of monumental proportions may have happened without anyone knowing.

On May 24th, the Duke of Edinburg travelled to the northern region of Alberta to visit the Oil Sands operations. He travelled aboard Ralph Klein's Dash-8 jet.

It's interesting that he would fly to Ft. McMurray, because one of the world's largest military exercises was happening in the province, meaning that the Royal Air Force could have been within tactical defence distance.

That same day, Canada's Minister of National Defence arrived in Cold Lake, Alberta, home of the MAPLE FLAG military excercises also taking place concurrently. Perhaps he was carrying out the orders of his masters. What if he was the bagman of some nuke deal?

This year marked the first time Israel has participated in the excercises,to which they sent 10 F-16 fighter jets and 150 ground personnel.

According to some of the links in THIS article, those F-16's may have had nukes on them.

I can't figure out how it's all related, but it seems as though it were.

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