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Monday, August 1

Red Alert: Blogger blocking TruNews Content

Got this email today.


You requested in the past that your headlines appear on NewsNow's free aggregation service. If you no longer wish your headlines to appear, or there are problems with your headlines unrelated to the matters below, please contact us.

We have recently become aware that Blogger.com have started blocking our news spider from scanning sites such as yours which are hosted on BlogSpot.com. We have managed to get around this, howver this is only a temporary measure and is unreliable. We have contacted Blogger.com but as yet we have not been able to resolve this issue.

To ensure that your headlines still appear on NewsNow, we would encourage you to contact Blogger.com and ask them to stop blocking our servers. In the first instance, please contact support@blogger.com and ask them to remove the block from our servers so that your headlines can continue to appear on NewsNow. Please CC any corrrespondence to publishers@NewsNow.co.uk.

Below is an outline of the points we would like you to raise:

- NewsNow provides a news aggregation service that is free to the public
- you requested that NewsNow should scan your headlines as part of this service
- your site is hosted on BlogSpot.com
- Blogger.com, or its parent Google, have taken measures to prevent NewsNow's servers from accessing pages hosted on BlogSpot.com
- you wish this block to be removed so that your headlines can continue to appear on NewsNow

Thank you for your help.

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